Anybody Massage

Everybody needs a massage, and at Belly Image everybody CAN get a massage, not just new and expecting mommies. Our therapists use an integrated approach with massage. You definitely request a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, but generally, we combine several techniques so that we can give you what your body needs.


60 minutes ($70)




Any Trimester Massage

Our custom full body massage focuses on relieving tension and calming the stress of pregnancy. Each massage session is individually tailored to the specific stages of pregnancy and problem areas of the client. You can also enhance your massage with a special selection of moisturizing body butter to help with stretch marks and enhance that pregnancy glow.
*Massages during the first trimester and high risk pregnancies require a doctor's note*

30min  ($50) 60 min  ($70) 90 min ($110)
6-  1 hour massage sessions  $375
12-  1 hour sessions $660

Induction Massage          

Are you sick of saying any day now….. Come in for a massage to relax and calm the body, ease tension and reduce stress. The massage therapist will also focus on specific acupressure techniques to aid in stimulating hormones and trigger labor induction.       (must be at least 38 weeks)   

60 minutes  ($70)

New Momma Massage

Let our massage therapist pamper you after sleepless nights, recovering from delivery and the stress of  24 hour care of a newborn. Our massage therapist will focus on working out your aches and pains while providing you with a soothing relaxing environment. If you are a nursing mother lay back and relax as we focus on the head, neck, and shoulders. This will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized.

60 minutes  ($70)

Massage and 3D Ultrasound 

60 minutes + 3D Ultrasound ($160)